This site is a space for more creative, reflective writing than I post elsewhere. When writing under my own name, I maintain the stable pretences and play the role of my public self. I try to produce thoughts that are logical and complete, and which are consistent with my sense of who I am, of being a consistent person with consistent thoughts and opinions and activities.

Here I wrap myself in anonymity, and post things which are less rational, less honed, and more experimental. Some of what is here is fictional, some is incomplete, and some is barely coherent. It is simply a place where I place writing currently without a home elsewhere, which has flown the privacy of my notebook to roost in the cobwebbed corners of the worldwide web.

I take my cue from the quote below.

Some among us have a clear sense of what is right and wrong – for themselves personally if not for everyone else. They have a reassuring certitude and steadiness which can serve as a reference point by which others may navigate. There are others who live in a state of uncertainty, constantly re-thinking their responses to changing circumstances, trying to hold onto what seems fundamental but impelled to reinterpret, often even unsure where lies the boundary between the fundamental and the interpretation…

Please be patient, those of you who have found a rock to stand on, with those of us who haven’t and with those of us who are not even looking for one. We live on the wave’s edge, where sea, sand and sky are all mixed up together: we are tossed head over heels in the surf, catching only occasional glimpses of any fixed horizon. Some of us stay there from choice because it is exciting and it feels like the right place to be.

Philip Rack, 1979